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About URL Rewriting Tool

Welcome to our URL Rewriting Tool. This awesome tool can be used to convert URLs into search engine friendly links. For example, if you have blog and you write about the benefits of eating potatoes and your blog’s URL is (www.ieatpotatoes.oranges.website), this is considered an unfriendly URL due to the fact that it is misleading, it has two different keywords in its title and it will make it difficult for the search engine to determine if this website is talking about potatoes or oranges or both.

Therefore, by simplifying the URL into something the search can easily recognize and is friendly to the user, you URL will be able to rank higher in the search engines. Our awesome tool is able to generate SEO friendly URLs within a click of a button and will shorten the URL.

This tool is very easy to use and there is no need to download software on your workstation or personal computer to generate short links.

Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that we offer the best service and that our tools are as accurate as possible, however we cannot guarantee this is always the case.