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About Google Index Checker

Welcome to Google Index Checker. This is a free SEO tools that helps you to know if any of your web pages have been indexed by the most popular search engine in the world, “Google”. If your web page doesn’t show up as indexed, this clever tool will still search the rest of your website to see if any other pages are indexed.

This tool is probably one of the most important tools when optimizing your website for search engine recognition because if your website is not indexed by “Google”, then basically your website will not show in the search engine and literally does not exit to the customer.

Our tool is also very simple to use, simply type if the URL you want to check then click submit. The tool will take less than 3 seconds to find all the pages from that URL that are indexed by “Google”. If you have just recently submitted your page to be indexed by “Google”, but the search result have come back with nothing then please try and give it some time and try maybe in a week or so. Most searches will show results within 3 seconds, however please consider the size of your website, pages, authority and other factors that may cause your website to take time to produce the desired result.

Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that we offer the best service and that our tools are as accurate as possible, however we cannot guarantee this is always the case.