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About Domain Hosting Checker

Welcome to our Domain Website Host Checker tool. This free tool will scan the internet to find out who is hosting any website that you are searching.

To use this tool simply paste the URL in the box above and then click submit. The tool should be able to gather the requested information within a few seconds, this information will include the IP address and hosting provider.

This is a great tool to use to check your competitors. Let’s say your competitors have a very fast website that seems to work efficiently with tons of information and apps and so on, therefore, you might be curious and want to know who is hosting this website because maybe you want to make your website just as fast too. Another scenario aswell is when you want to transfer your domain to another hosting provider maybe because they offer better services etc, then you can use our tool to find out this information.

Note: This tool is great at finding out information about hosting providers, however sometimes this information is not always available for the public.